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We cannot allow American support for Ukraine to be interrupted - Biden

We cannot allow American support for Ukraine to be interrupted - Biden

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US President Joseph Biden called on Republicans in Congress to prevent problems with aid to Ukraine after the country's interim budget was approved without these funds. The corresponding statement was published by the White House, European Pravda reports.

Thus, it is reported that Biden welcomed the adoption by both houses of Congress of the project on temporary funding of the government, noting that it averted a crisis that no one needed.

"However, I want to say clearly: we should not have been in this situation at all," the President emphasized, recalling the agreement with the speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Kevin McCarthy, reached precisely to prevent such a situation.

"For weeks, radical Republicans in the House of Representatives have been trying to walk away from this agreement, demanding major spending cuts that would greatly harm millions of Americans. They failed," Biden said.

He also emphasized that he is waiting for Congress to approve additional funds to support Ukraine.

"We cannot under any circumstances allow American support for Ukraine to be interrupted. I fully expect the Speaker to maintain his commitment to the people of Ukraine and ensure the approval of the support necessary to help Ukraine at this critical time," Joe Biden said.

In addition, the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, made a similar call.

"I call on Congress to act in accordance with America's commitment to provide urgently needed assistance to the people of Ukraine, who are defending their own country from the forces of tyranny. America must act in accordance with the challenges of this world and remain a leader," Austin urged.

As reported, on September 30, the US House of Representatives at the last minute approved a temporary budget that prevents a shutdown of the government, but without funds for aid to Ukraine - in order to increase the chances of its adoption.

Representatives of both parties in the Senate then issued a joint statement promising to vote for additional funding for aid to Ukraine in the coming weeks.

Leaders of Democrats in the House of Representatives said they expect Speaker Kevin McCarthy to introduce a separate bill on aid to Ukraine.

Also, Ukrainian News Agency reported that Ukraine officially received proposals for reforms in Ukraine from the United States and handed over the Concept of Strengthening the Stability of Democracy in Ukraine to the United States.