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Energy Ministry not to apply power outage schedules from October

Energy Ministry not to apply power outage schedules from October

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The Ministry of Energy does not plan to use power outage schedules in Ukraine from October 1.

The Ministry of Energy announced this, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The report notes that to date, no outages of household consumers during the entire autumn-winter period are expected.

"In Ukraine, the largest repair campaign in all times of independence continues at energy facilities. Thanks to these efforts, the power system will be fully ready for the heating season without power outages and, accordingly, consumer restrictions. Electricity generated by Ukrainian power plants is currently sufficient to meet the needs of consumers. There is a capacity surplus in the daytime hours. Therefore, the use of outages from October 1 in any of the regions of the country is not planned," the message says.

At the same time, consumer outages are possible in case of damage to energy infrastructure by the enemy during shelling, as happened last heating season.

"Given that last year in some regions there were situations with unfair distribution of electricity between consumers, distribution system operators developed and pre-published schedules of possible outages, which can be applied exclusively in the event of shelling and damage to energy equipment," the report said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine plans to add 2.9 GW of power to the power system by December.