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Number of russian soldiers who want to surrender increased by 70% - Defense Intelligence

Number of russian soldiers who want to surrender increased by 70% - Defense Intelligence

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After the successful special operation of the Ukrainian special services Synytsia, during which a russian pilot drove a russian Мі-8 helicopter to Ukraine, the number of russian troops who want to surrender within the framework of the I Want to Live project increased by 70%.

The representative of the Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andrii Yusov said this on the air of Radio Svoboda, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"There is a very jump on the I Want to Live line separately and on other communication channels. After the successful operation Synytsia with the Мі-8 and a pilot, say, the number of servicemen of the russian army, who are considering a similar scenario, increased. Appeal to the state project I Want to Live - the jump took place at about 70 percent per day," said Yusov.

Yusov also commented on information from Telegram channels that allegedly the person who will transfer a MiG fighter to Ukraine will be given USD 2 million.

"This information is more of a legend and a popular initiative. But of course there will be a reward for a MiG," he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the russian pilot Maxim Kuzminov, who drove a Мі-8 helicopter from russia to Ukraine, will be paid USD 500,000 for the equipment and will be made new documents.

On August 23, journalist Yurii Butusov said that a russian Мі-8 helicopter landed on one of Ukraine's airfields, and the crew surrendered to the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.