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Kakhovka HEPP Blown Up By Russian Sabotage Group - Audio Conversation Of Occupiers

Kakhovka HEPP Blown Up By Russian Sabotage Group - Audio Conversation Of Occupiers

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The interception by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) confirms that the Kakhovka HEPP was blown up by a sabotage and reconnaissance group of occupiers.

The relevant audio interception was published by the SSU, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The invaders wanted to blackmail Ukraine by blowing up the dam and staged a man-made disaster in the south of our country.

The occupiers tell each other about this in a telephone conversation that was intercepted by the SSU.

"They (the Ukrainian side - ed.) didn't hit there. Our sabotage group was there. They wanted to frighten people with this dam. It didn't go according to plan, but more than they planned," says a Russian military.

He also describes the consequences of this disaster, which the Russian Federation tries to hide: rising water levels, flooding of territories and destruction.

We remind you that the Security Service of Ukraine has opened criminal proceedings on the fact of a war crime committed by the Russian Federation.

"By blowing up the dam of the Kakhovka HEPP, the Russian Federation finally proved that it is a threat to the entire civilized world. After all, only a real terrorist state can arrange a man-made and ecological disaster of this level. And it will definitely answer for it - both on the battlefield and in international courts. Our task is to bring to justice not only the top of Putin's regime, but also ordinary perpetrators of crimes," stressed the head of the SSU, Vasyl Maliuk.

The investigation was started under two articles of the Criminal Code - Article 438 (violation of the laws and customs of war) and Article 441 (ecocide).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on the night of June 6, Russian terrorist forces blew up the Kakhovka HEPP.

On June 6, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that the consequences of the occupiers' undermining of the Kakhovka HEPP dam will be clear in about a week, after the water begins to fall.