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Ukraine Confirms Death Of 4 Intelligence Officers Near Bryansk

Ukraine Confirms Death Of 4 Intelligence Officers Near Bryansk

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Four Ukrainian intelligence officers were killed in the Bryansk Oblast of Russia during a combat mission.

The information previously published by the FSB of the Russian Federation was confirmed by Ukrainian bloggers and military personnel who were familiar with the victims.

The Russians claim that four saboteurs made an "attempt to enter the territory of the Bryansk Oblast from Ukraine." They claim that a fight broke out during which four Ukrainians were killed.

The names of the killed Ukrainians were also named: Yurii Horovets, Maksym Mykhaylov, Taras Karpiuk and Bohdan Liahov.

On the Ukrainian side, a number of Ukrainian bloggers and Telegram channels confirmed the death. Thus, Ukrainian military serviceman and leader of the nationalist organization C14 Yevhen Karas wrote that he knew the deceased.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have not yet officially confirmed the death of the Ukrainian intelligence officers.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on December 22, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published information on the losses of Russian troops. Since the beginning of the invasion, the occupiers have already lost more than 100,000 soldiers killed.

We also wrote that, according to British Defense Minister Ben Wallace, Russia lost half of its combat-ready army in ten months of war.