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Shoigu Said He Visited Forward Positions. It Turned Out That He Was In North Of Crimea

Shoigu Said He Visited Forward Positions. It Turned Out That He Was In North Of Crimea

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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said that Sergei Shoigu visited the "advanced positions of Russian units," but it turned out that Shoigu did not reach the front line by tens of kilometers, having paid a visit to the north of Crimea.

This was announced by the GeoConfirmed project on Twitter.

The "inspection" arranged by Shoigu was reported on December 18. At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that Shoigu "flew around the areas of deployment of troops and checked the forward positions of Russian units." Allegedly, there Shoigu talked with the Russian military and thanked them.

Volunteers of the GeoConfirmed project analyzed videos from Shoigu and found that Shoigu was tens of kilometers from the positions of the occupiers. The trenches, which are inspected by the minister from the window of the helicopter, are 85 kilometers from the front line: Shoigu was located in the north of Crimea, near the city of Armiansk.

They show trenches to proof he flew over the front line while they are giving him an explanation (About what?)

but in reality he is flying 85km behind the front line.
Propaganda it seems.

0:18 = 46.14961, 33.70099 , GeoLocated by our team.

2/8 pic.twitter.com/PV7QO14nO1

— GeoConfirmed (@GeoConfirmed) December 19, 2022

Recall that the purpose of the visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 16 to the joint headquarters of the "special military operation" was to demonstrate collective responsibility for military defeats.