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Nobel Peace Prize Awarded In Oslo. Center For Civil Liberties Received Award From Ukraine

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded In Oslo. Center For Civil Liberties Received Award From Ukraine

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The annual ceremony of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize took place in Norway. This year, it was received simultaneously by representatives of three countries - Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

The broadcast of the awarding ceremony was conducted on the official YouTube channel of the Nobel Prize.

The Nobel Peace Prize was shared by the Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties, the founder of the Belarusian human rights center Vesna Ales Bialiatski and the Russian organization Memorial.

Oleksandra Matviychuk, head of the Center for Civil Liberties, said the following during her speech at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony:

"This year, the entire Ukraine was waiting for the announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize. We regard it as a recognition of the efforts of the entire Ukrainian people, who bravely stood up against attempts to destroy the peaceful development of Europe. And as a recognition of the importance of the work of human rights defenders in preventing military threats throughout the world. We are proud that today, for the first time, the Ukrainian language will be spoken at the official ceremony," Matviychuk said.

She called on the world community to form a tribunal for Russian President Vladimir Putin and the self-proclaimed leader of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, who is aiding him in the war against Ukraine.

Matviychuk also called for the reform of the international system to protect people from wars and authoritarian regimes.

She also emphasized that the generation of people who came after the end of World War II take rights and freedoms for granted.

"But human rights are not won once and for all. The values of modern civilization must be protected," Matviychuk said.

It should be noted that this is the first Nobel Peace Prize that Ukraine received during the entire period of its independence.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on October 7, the Nobel Committee announced that this year Ukraine, Belarus and Russia have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

We will remind that the Office of the President of Ukraine criticized the Nobel Committee for awarding the prize to representatives of Belarus and the Russian Federation.