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After Military Failure In Kherson, Kremlin Begins To Doubt Putin - ISW

After Military Failure In Kherson, Kremlin Begins To Doubt Putin - ISW

ISW, Institute for the Study of War

The order to retreat from Kherson undermined confidence in Vladimir Putin and questioned his ability to deliver his war promises.

This is stated in the Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment as of November 12 of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

A pro-war Russian ideologist, Alexander Dugin, openly criticized Putin - whom he referred to as the autocrat - for failing to uphold Russian ideology by surrendering Kherson City on November 12.

“Dugin noted that an autocrat has a responsibility to save his nation all by himself or face the fate of “king of the rains,” a reference to Sir James Frazer’s The Golden Bough in which a king was killed because he was unable to deliver rain amidst a drought,” the ISW report explains.

Dugin also said that other figures are less to blame for this failure. So, Russian Army General Sergey Surovikin allegedly does not bear political responsibility for the withdrawal from Kherson. And "the autocrat cannot repair this deviation from ideology merely with public appearances.”

According to Dugin, the use of nuclear weapons will be "the end." And belated Russian changes in the military campaign did not have any influence on the change in the course of the war.

ISW notes that Russian propagandists are increasingly demanding that the Kremlin and the high military command throw all forces into the war against Ukraine. Such propagandist, for example, is Vladimir Solovyov.

"Direct criticism of Putin within the pro-war community is almost unprecedented, and Dugin’s high-profile and unhinged attack on Putin may indicate a shift among the Russian nationalist ideologues," the ISW experts say.

Military bloggers questioned the legitimacy of the declared 87% level of support for the Russian annexation of the Kherson Region.

Military intelligence believes that the flight of Russian troops from Kherson became a public recognition of the difficulties of the Russian Federation.

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