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Musk Confirms He No Longer Wants To Provide Starlink Communications For Free

Musk Confirms He No Longer Wants To Provide Starlink Communications For Free

Elon Musk, StarLink

Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, who provided the Ukrainian military station with Starlink satellite communications, confirmed that he would no longer finance the services for free.

He wrote about this on Twitter.

"SpaceX is not asking to recoup past expenses, but also cannot fund the existing system indefinitely *and* send several thousand more terminals that have data usage up to 100X greater than typical households. This is unreasonable,” Musk wrote in response to a question from a journalist.

Media reported that the reason for the refusal was a sharp comment by the former ambassador of Ukraine Andrii Melnyk against Elon Musk. After the businessman offered his "plan" for the end of the war in Ukraine, Melnyk was among Ukrainians who resented such a position. He wrote a scathing comment to Elon Musk.

Andrii Melnyk’s offensive comment was mentioned after journalist Jason Jay Smart drew attention to the situation around SpaceX.

“Elon Musk’s Starlink says it can no longer afford to give Ukraine free service and asks the Pentagon to pay for it. Starlink had been a game changer in the war. This comes days after Ukrainian Ambassador Andrii Melnyk told Musk to “f**k off,” he wrote, when in fact SpaceX's letter was written months before Musk's tweet scandal.

Elon Musk himself appeared in the comments, and wrote: "We’re just following his recommendation." This further drew attention to the statement of Andrii Melnyk.

The discrepancies were highlighted by an investigative journalist from the Bihus team. "So the letter to Pentagon was sent last month, but it’s following Melnyk’s recommendation from 10 days ago? It seems you just can't stop misleading, can you, sir?" he wrote.

Member of Parliament Oleksii Honcharenko on his Facebook account also pointed out that the issue of financing Ukrainian Starlinks was raised earlier.

“Let's read on the facts. Musk refused to fund Starlink not today or yesterday. The Pentagon letter was sent a month ago," the MP wrote.

He added that Starlink is a private company that has helped Ukraine, made good ads and now wants to generate revenue.

"This is a business and everyone is thinking about income. Ukraine is grateful to Musk for Starlinks and will now be grateful to the Pentagon and the people of the United States for paying for the work of these terminals," Honcharenko stated.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Elon Musk's SpaceX offered the Pentagon to independently finance Starlink communications services for Ukraine, because it can no longer do so.

Elon Musk tweeted that Ukraine should give away Crimea to Russia and hold referendums in the occupied territories. However, this is not due to the refusal of funding for Starlink, because the company wrote its appeal to Musk's controversial tweet.

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