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Selective hospitalization of Patients with Covid-19 began in the USA: the Ambulance does not come to the "Crit

Selective hospitalization of Patients with Covid-19 began in the USA: the Ambulance does not come to the "Critical"

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Covid-19 in the USA. Photo by
Covid-19 in the USA. Photo by

While the "Medical Procurement of Ukraine" is not granted the right to accept and unload medicines purchased at the expense of the state budget under the programs of the Ministry of Health, including personal protective equipment and goods purchased to counter Covid-19 (protective suits and gowns, masks, rapid tests for the determination of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus antigen), the situation in the United States with countering the pandemic is becoming more critical.

Ambulance crews in Los Angeles County, population 10 million, have been told to ration oxygen and to stop transporting patients with low survival chances in a desperate effort to relieve the region's overwhelmed medical system, informed.

"Many hospitals have reached a point of crisis and are having to make very tough decisions about patient care", - county health services Director Christina Ghaly said.

Ghaly said she expects even worse days ahead. Los Angeles's emergency rooms and ICUs are flooded with people who caught the coronavirus over Thanksgiving. The Christmas surge has not yet arrived. And while the situation in California is particularly bad, hospitalizations across the nation are hitting record highs/

There's a horrible irony behind the national medical crisis: National Health desk reports that many emergency rooms stopped recruiting new doctors earlier in the pandemic, when Americans were explicitly avoiding hospitals to stay clear of the coronavirus. Now that the sick need hospital beds by the tens of thousands, young ER doctors can't find anyone to hire them.

Federal health officials have rejected a proposal to spread out the country's supply of vaccine by altering the two-dose regimen and delaying most people's second shot. As we mentioned in yesterday's newsletter, some experts have argued that a single dose of vaccine still provides protection, and millions more Americans could get one sooner if others went without their second. But National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony S. Fauci called the idea "fraught with danger".

"We don’t have any idea what the level of protection is and what the durability of protection", - he said.

Psychologically, we're in the "messy middle" of the crisis. The adrenaline shock of the pandemic's beginning has faded, but there's still no end in sight.