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"Under the Christmas tree": The main Pre-New Year theme in the World was the issue of anti-pandemic Vaccinatio

"Under the Christmas tree": The main Pre-New Year theme in the World was the issue of anti-pandemic Vaccination against Covid-19

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Covid-19. Photo by
Covid-19. Photo by

While Ukrainian officials are only announcing plans to purchase vaccines for Covid-19, in most developed countries of the world, the anti-pandemic vaccination process is being implemented.

The fate of $2,000 stimulus checks is in peril after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said the proposal from Democrats to approve them has "no realistic path to quickly pass," effectively killing one of President Trump’s top priorities in the final days of his presidency. The GOP leader said the measure would be too costly, would not be targeted toward the needy, and would help families that are living comfortably, according to

Public health officials hoped that 20 million people would have been vaccinated by now. We're at just over 2 million, and the delay has frustrated state and federal officials alike. President Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that the federal government had done its part by distributing the vaccines.

"Now it is up to the states to administer. Get moving!", -  he wrote.

Across the Atlantic, Britain became the first country to authorize the vaccine from the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca. The doses are cheaper, and easier to transport and store than the Pfizer and Moderna versions. But questions still swirl about the vaccine's effectiveness, which only proved to be 62 percent effective in testing.

A vaccine developed by Chinese drugmaker Sinopharm is 79.3 percent effective, according to interim data released Wednesday.

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