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2 Million Ukrainians Need Medical Marijuana – Presidential Office

2 Million Ukrainians Need Medical Marijuana – Presidential Office

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The Office of the President states that more than 2 million Ukrainians need cannabis-based medicines.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement on the President's website.

“According to preliminary estimates, at least two million Ukrainians need these medicines. If, of course, we want to take care of the proper quality of their life... We emphasize: we are talking only about drugs of a medical nature, which are necessary for people experiencing severe systemic pain, extremely anxious and depressive conditions, post-traumatic stress disorder, including after the front line,” the statement reads.

The Office notes that cannabis-based medicinal products are available in Canada, Australia, USA, Poland, New Zealand, Lithuania and other countries.

"Cannabis without a narcotic effect can be used as an effective and mild pain reliever. What is especially important for people with cancer... Also, the use of medical marijuana in states that have already allowed it demonstrates its effectiveness in depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, which is important for military personnel, who return home from the war. A group of drugs is actively used for a number of other serious conditions and diseases," the statement reads.

The Office also notes that opponents of the idea of ​​legalizing cannabis for medical purposes are afraid of the spread of drugs under the guise of medications, but assures that the state must neutralize such a risk.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Zelenskyy said that on the day of local elections, October 25, he will ask voters five questions in order to do what they decide: is it worth introducing life imprisonment for corruption on an especially large scale; is it worth introducing a free economic zone in Donbas; is it worth reducing the parliament to 300 MPs; is it worth legalizing medical cannabis to reduce pain in critically ill patients; is it worth raising the issue of fulfilling the obligations under the Budapest Memorandum at the international level?

The Office of the President has confirmed that the poll will have no legal consequences.

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