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Zelenskyy's Website Removes His Invitation To British Prince William To Visit Ukraine

Zelenskyy's Website Removes His Invitation To British Prince William To Visit Ukraine

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The Presidential Office has removed from the official website of the head of state information about the invitation by Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Prince William and Kate Middleton to Ukraine.

This is evidenced by the information on the President's website, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

On October 7, at 06:05 p.m., news was published on it following a meeting of Zelenskyy with members of the British royal family.

"Volodymyr Zelenskyy invited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to pay a visit to Ukraine," the statement reads.

According to the statement, during the audience, Prince William noted the importance of the official visit of the President of Ukraine to the United Kingdom, and Zelenskyy - the warm welcome of the Ukrainian delegation.

Zelenskyy also emphasized the importance of maintaining interpersonal contacts and noted that Ukraine and the United Kingdom share a vision on many issues.

The press release said that during the meeting, the parties discussed a number of issues on the international agenda, in particular environmental initiatives, as well as bilateral cooperation on medical rehabilitation of military personnel, gender and social equality, and countering domestic violence.

It was also reported that the interlocutors discussed the need for close coordination of the countries of the world to overcome the coronavirus pandemic and ensure equal access of states to a vaccine if it is developed.

At the same time, on the evening of October 7, the news was removed from the President's official website.

As of the morning of October 8, it is again available on the website during the time it was first published, but its text has been significantly changed.

Only the first two sentences remained intact in the release that, as part of an official visit to the United Kingdom, Zelenskyy, along with his wife Olena, met with the Royal Highnesses and this was the first audience of the President of Ukraine with members of the British royal family.

All subsequent information was removed from the message and replaced with the phrase that the audience took place at the Buckingham Palace, and Zelenskyy thanked for the warm welcome and spoke about the importance of relations between our peoples.

According to British media reports, William and Kate received the Presidential couple in the throne room of Buckingham Palace on behalf of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, and this was the first audience of a world leader since the beginning of the quarantine.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Zelenskyy will hold talks with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on October 8 in London, after which a bilateral agreement on political cooperation, free trade and strategic partnership will be signed in connection with Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.