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Fires In Luhansk Region Have Been Localized And Settlements Protected – Shmyhal

Fires In Luhansk Region Have Been Localized And Settlements Protected – Shmyhal

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Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said during a visit to Luhansk region on Friday that the fires in the region have been localized and settlements protected.

The press service of the Ministry of Interior Affairs announced this in a statement, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the statement, Shmyhal, First Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Serhii Yarovyi, and the State Emergency Service’s head Mykola Chechotkin are currently visiting the sites of the fires in Luhansk region.

"About 19,000 hectares of forest, several settlements, 250-400 homes are affected to varying degrees by the fires in Luhansk region. The fires have been localized, settlements are protected," Shmyhal said.

According to Yarovyi, several possible causes of the fires are being considered in the relevant criminal proceedings.

"Investigators are considering the following possible causes of the fires, among other things: arson, criminal activity, specific consequences of strong winds, and the absence of rain for four months," the first deputy internal affairs minister said.

He added that more than 2,500 employees of the State Emergency Service, the police, and the National Guard were working at the sites of the fires.

According to Chechotkin, the State Emergency Service’s aircraft (three An-32 P aircraft and two helicopters) are operating at the sites of the fires.

"Our aircraft are operating efficiently in the most dangerous hotspots of fires. Water (a total of 142 tons) has been dumped onto the fires in the Luhansk region 53 times on October 2. Since the efforts to extinguish the fires began, 113 water dumps (382 tons of water)," he said.

The officials visited completely burnt out courtyards in the village of Syrotyne.

They also spoke to people made homeless by the fires and are now housed in a school in Severodonetsk.

"The government is ready to pay compensation to the victims: UAH 300,000 for every home that is completely destroyed by fire, UAH 200,000 to families in which there are deaths caused by the fires. In addition, UAH 50,000 will be paid if a house is partially destroyed and UAH 20,000 if a farm is affected," the statement said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Shmyhal announced plans to visit Luhansk region on Friday to assess the scale of the fires and coordinate the efforts to alleviate their aftermath.

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