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Cabinet Distributes UAH 66 Billion From Anti-Covid-19 Fund

Cabinet Distributes UAH 66 Billion From Anti-Covid-19 Fund

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has distributed UAH 65.96 billion from the Fund for fight against Covid-19.

This follows from a reply to the respective request from the Ukrainian News Agency.

The Economy, Trade and Agriculture Ministry received UAH 6.972 billion to provide financial assistance to the State Fund for Mandatory Social Insurance Against Unemployment.

The Social Policy Ministry received UAH 3,457.9 million.

The Health Ministry of Ukraine received UAH 14.345 billion.

The Justice Ministry and Education Ministry obtained UAH 23.7 million and UAH 52.5 million respectively.

Besides, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allocated UAH 35 billion to the Ukravtodor state automobile roads agency; UAH 41.2 million to the State Affairs Administration; UAH 1 billion to the Culture Ministry.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Valerii Patskan, the chairperson of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, said that the Anti-Covid-19 Fund had to have enough funds for the second wave of the coronavirus in Ukraine.

On September 30, the number of newly-registered Covid-19 cases in Ukraine increased by 4,069 over September 29 to 213,028, and the number of deaths rose by 64 over September 29 to 4,193; at the same time, the number of new cases increased by 1%, and the number of new lethal cases did not change.

According to the report, as at the morning of September 30, there were 213,028 laboratory-confirmed Covid-19 cases registered in Ukraine, the number included 4,193 lethal cases; besides, 94,443 people had recovered.

During the day, 4,069 new cases of the disease were recorded, 2,083 people recovered, 64 people died.

Therefore, on September 30, the indicator of newly-infected people was lower than the number of those, who recovered (4,069 vs 2,083).

As at the morning of October 1, the number of active sick (less those, who recovered and died) made 114,392, up 1.7% over September 30.

Since the start of the epidemic, the largest number of coronavirus-infected people has been registered in the city of Kyiv (23,155), Lviv region (20,590), and Kharkiv region (19,128).

Besides, Chernivtsi region has registered a total of 14,605 coronavirus infection cases, Ivano-Frankivsk region – 13,837; Odesa region – 13,789 cases, Ternopil region – 13,767, Rivne region – 12,554, Zakarpattia region – 9,918, Kyiv region – 9,279, Volyn region – 8,194, Vinnytsia region – 6,308, Khmelnytskyi region – 6,188, Zhytomyr region – 6,088, and Dnipropetrovsk region – 6,088 cases.

A total of 4,435 cases have been recorded in Sumy region, 4,254 cases – in Chernihiv region, 4,165 cases - in Cherkasy region, 4,128 cases - in Zaporizhia region, 3,557 cases – in Donetsk region, 3,270 cases – in Mykolayiv region, 2,345 cases – in Poltava region, 1,168 cases – in Kherson region, 1,127 cases – in Kirovohrad region, and 1,091 cases – in Luhansk region.