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136,000 Law Enforcers Will Ensure Public Order During Local Elections

136,000 Law Enforcers Will Ensure Public Order During Local Elections

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136,000 law enforcement officers will ensure public order and security during local elections.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“I see two main areas of work in ensuring the law and order of the electoral process. These are preventive work and personnel training. The main burden will fall on the National Police. The main task of the police is to identify administrative and criminal offenses and bring them to court. In general, to almost 136,000 law enforcement officers will be involved in ensuring law and order during the elections," said First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Serhii Yarovoi.

According to him, all forces and aviation units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be involved.

"For the redeployment of personnel, solving urgent problems and if the situation changes, aviation will be involved. The entire aviation security system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be on duty in an enhanced mode," Yarovoi added.

The First Deputy Minister separately stressed that all personnel who will be involved in ensuring order during the elections will be provided with personal protective equipment.

According to the head of the National Police Ihor Klimenko, 330 statements and messages related to violations of the electoral process have already been registered.

The Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations contains information on 34 criminal offenses, of which 9 under Article 160 (bribery of the voter) of the Criminal Code.

He noted that the police will also respond urgently to attempts to create networks of campaign "nets" that could potentially be used to buy votes.

“Another powerful factor in the manipulation of voting results is the use of a simplified mechanism for changing the electoral address. Thus, from 98,000 cases of changing the electoral address on the eve of local elections, about 30,000 attracted the attention of the police with an abnormal increase in the number of voters at individual addresses or polling stations. 10 criminal proceedings on the facts of relevant violations are launched," added the head of the National Police.

According to Klimenko, the police will pay attention to the prevention of violations related to the implementation of illegal campaigning and the provision of reliable cyber defense.

According to the head of the State Emergency Service (SESU) Mykola Chechiotkin, the service staff will continue to check the facilities where the polling stations will be located, as well as conduct briefings on man-made and fire safety for members of polling stations.

The State Migration Service will focus on issuing ID-cards so that every citizen can vote, and together with the State Border Guard Service will promptly respond to all possible questions that will arise when observers enter the territory of Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksii Danilov says that on the eve of the local elections, there is an activation of certain religious structures as instruments of anti-Ukrainian activity.

Local elections are scheduled for October 25.

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