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3 Moroccan Citizens Killed, 3 More Hospitalized Due To Road Accident In Zaporizhia

3 Moroccan Citizens Killed, 3 More Hospitalized Due To Road Accident In Zaporizhia

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Three Moroccan citizens were killed and three more were hospitalized as a result of a road accident in Zaporizhia.

The communication department of the Zaporizhia Region Police has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"On September 17, at about 07:40 p.m., the driver of a BMW car, moving along the middle lane of the carriageway of Naberezhna Highway from the side of Lermontova Street in the direction of Ukrainska Street near ​​the electric support, skidded the vehicle, drove into the left lane, where he collided with a Nissan car driven by 40-year-old driver. After that, the BMW driver drove onto the lawn, which separates the flows of oncoming lanes, and hit the support of the advertising carrier, as a result of which the vehicle caught fire," the statement reads.

As a result of the accident, a 21-year-old BMW driver and two of his passengers (a guy of the same age and a 17-year-old girl) were killed on impact.

Three more passengers (a 20-year-old girl and two guys 20 and 23 years old) were taken to the hospital with bodily injuries of varying severity.

All victims of the accident are citizens of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The driver and passenger of the second foreign-made car were not injured.

On this fact, criminal proceedings were opened under Part 3 of Article 286 (violation of traffic safety rules or vehicle operation by persons who drive vehicles, if they have caused the death of several persons) of the Criminal Code.

The causes and circumstances of the accident are being investigated.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, eight people were injured due to a road accident with a regular bus in Khmelnytskyi region on September 15.

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