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Kyiv Referred To "Orange” Zone Of Epidemic Danger - Nemchinov

Kyiv Referred To "Orange” Zone Of Epidemic Danger - Nemchinov

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According to the results of the meeting of the State Commission on Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies, Kyiv was referred to the "orange” zone of epidemic danger, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Ternopil remained in the "red” zone.

Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleh Nemchinov announced this in his Telegram channel, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"From 00:00 a.m. on September 14 (Monday), a new epidemic zoning will begin to operate. Kyiv is in the "orange" zone," he wrote.

According to Nemchinov, Chop got into the "red” zone in Zakarpattia region; in Ivano-Frankivsk region - Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyya, Kalush, Kosivskyi and Tysmenytskyi districts; in Lviv region - Peremyshlianskyi and Pustomytivskyi districts; in Odesa region - Beliaivka, Izmail and Bolhradskyi district; in Rivne region - Dubno; in Kharkiv region - Velykoburlukskyi district.

In Ternopil region, Ternopil, Berezhany, Chortkiv, Berezhanskyi, Buchachskyi, Husiatynskyi, Zaleschytskyi, Monastyrskyi, Terebovlianskyi, Ternopilskyi and Chortkivskyi districts are referred to the "red” zone; in the Khmelnytskyi region - Slavuta and Volochynskyi district; in Cherkasy region - Kaniv; in Chernivtsi region - Chernivtsi, Hertsayevskyi, Kelmenetskyi, Kytsmanivskyi, Novoselitskyi and Storozhynetskyi districts; in Chernihiv region - Nizhyn, Nosovskyi, Bobrovytskyi districts.

In total, 26 administrative units got into the "red” zone, which is by seven more than in the previous distribution.

In particular, three regional centers remain in the zone of strict quarantine restrictions.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the police did not open any criminal proceedings and did not draw up administrative protocols due to the intention of the city authorities of Ivano-Frankivsk to open schools and kindergartens on September 14, despite referring the city to the "red” zone of epidemic danger.