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Ternopil Mayor Nadal Fell Ill With Coronavirus

Ternopil Mayor Nadal Fell Ill With Coronavirus

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Ternopil Mayor Serhii Nadal fell ill with coronavirus.

He wrote about this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Ternopil residents, friends. I have to tell the unpleasant news. I received the test results for COVID-19. The test confirmed this disease," he wrote.

Nadal noted that due to the specifics of his work, he regularly takes the test over the past 5 months, like his deputies and other team members.

He added that currently, apart from him, none of the deputies, heads of utility institutions and city council departments are infected.

"I feel some symptoms, in particular - an unpleasant sore throat. If it was not for the test, in another situation I would not even pay attention to it. The general condition is normal. I am in constant contact with specialists, I told my family doctor. I am switching to self-isolation and work from home regime. There is no need for hospitalization," Nadal wrote.

He stressed that over the next 2 weeks he plans to work from home in strict self-isolation.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the chairperson of the Lviv Regional Council, Oleksandr Hanuschyn, fell ill with coronavirus.

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