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Servant Of The People Faction Collecting Signatures In Favor Of Expulsion Of MP Leros

Servant Of The People Faction Collecting Signatures In Favor Of Expulsion Of MP Leros

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Members of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction are collecting signatures in favor of expulsion of Member of Parliament Geo Leros from the faction.

Member of Parliament Oleksii Honcharenko (European Solidarity faction) announced this in his Telegram channel, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Signatures in favor of expulsion of Geo Leros from the faction are being collected in the session hall," he wrote.

Leros himself confirmed this information on Facebook.

“After my speech, Volodymyr Zelenskyy ordered Arakhamia (the Servant of the People parliamentary faction’s leader David Arakhamia) to urgently collect signatures in favor of my expulsion from [the Servant of the People parliamentary faction]. He is even personally exerting pressure on the parliamentarians who disagree with my expulsion," Leros wrote.

During a speech from the parliament’s rostrum earlier on Tuesday, Leros accused Zelenskyy of "leasing the country to the oligarchs" and breaking his election promises and accused the Office of the President of Ukraine’s head Andrii Yermak of abusing his power and working for the Russian intelligence services.

"Mister President, you must agree that you did not fight the old system but simply merged into it. It was you who infected the whole country with your ‘microbes’ and ‘bacteria’ of lies and lost the chance of a great power by exchanging it for envelopes from an oligarch. You signed your own sentence and became an ‘empty space’ in history by leasing the country to these oligarchs... It is already clear that there will be no landings and Ukrainians will soon decide that they do not want to meet with you next spring. I have only one question for you, Mr. President, ‘Are you not ashamed?’" said Leros.

Leros began the speech by saying that his car was set on fire and that he "accepts the challenge and will not forgive anyone."

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Leros announced on August 28 that unidentified people had set his car on fire.