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Pupils Of 1st-4th Grades Will Be Able To Move In Schools Without Masks - Stepanov

Pupils Of 1st-4th Grades Will Be Able To Move In Schools Without Masks - Stepanov

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Pupils of the first-fourth grades will be able to move in schools without masks.

Health Minister Maksym Stepanov has said this during a briefing, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"For pupils from the first to the fourth grade, movement around the premises of the educational institution will be allowed without the use of a mask or respirator," he said.

The minister said that following consultations with international experts, a number of amendments were made to the previously adopted recommendations on security measures in educational institutions in connection with the coronavirus.

In regions classified as "orange" zone of epidemic danger, teachers are advised to teach in a protective shield, in "yellow" and "green" - to maintain a safe distance.

Teachers can be admitted to work only after thermometry.

In case of confirmation of the coronavirus in a pupil, the whole class must go into self-isolation.

Dispensers and antiseptics should be in the educational institution only at the entrance; in the future, pupils and teachers are advised to thoroughly wash their hands after each lesson.

Stepanov promised that the updated rules will be posted on the website of the Ministry of Health in an accessible and visual form already today, August 25.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, earlier Deputy Minister of Health – Senior Medical Officer Viktor Liashko said that first-graders must undergo a medical examination before the start of the school year.