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UAH 25 Billion Of Budget Funds Spent To Prevent Coronavirus Spread - Finance Ministry

UAH 25 Billion Of Budget Funds Spent To Prevent Coronavirus Spread - Finance Ministry

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The Ministry of Finance states that more than UAH 25 billion of budget funds have been spent to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Ministry of Finance has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The Ministry of Finance constantly monitors and reports on budgetary expenditures related to countering COVID-19. In general, almost UAH 25 billion has already been spent.

"To date, UAH 16.9 billion has been used from the COVID-19 Fund, UAH 4.8 billion from state and local budgets, UAH 2.7 billion paid by the National Health Service to service providers within the framework of the medical guarantees program," the Deputy finance Minister Roman Yermolichev said.

It is indicated that from the fund for combating COVID-19, a total of UAH 66 billion are provided, namely: UAH 16.3 billion were allocated to the health sector, UAH 10.6 billion to the social sphere, and UAH 2.5 billion to the field of law enforcement, UAH 36 billion - for stimulating the economy, UAH 0.5 billion - for partial recovery of state budget expenditures, and UAH 52.5 million – for education.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Cabinet of Ministers previously allocated UAH 7.4 billion to the Ministry of Health from the coronavirus fight fund for additional payments to medical workers involved in the fight against infection.

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