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Level Of Epidemical Danger Can Be Revised In 13 Regions - Deputy Health Minister Liashko

Level Of Epidemical Danger Can Be Revised In 13 Regions - Deputy Health Minister Liashko

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Deputy Minister of Health – Senior Medical Officer Viktor Liashko states that the level of epidemical danger may be revised in 13 regions.

He announced this during a briefing following a meeting of the State Commission on Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Tomorrow, on Thursday, the levels of epidemical danger will be further revised based on the number of cases in the last 14 days. Last Thursday, when the zoning decision was made, there were 10 such regions. Now, according to statistics, the number of regions in which zoning will be carried out according to color scale, already 13. But we look forward to tomorrow," he said.

The deputy minister added that, based on the dynamics of the incidence, the regions subject to the revision of the epidemiological level may increase.

However, he did not specify how many administrative-territorial units can fall into the "red" zone.

Liashko also said that according to the decision of the commission, mobile groups that will inspect the implementation of quarantine restrictions by local authorities in 3 administrative units will be formed.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, from August 17, for at least 14 days, eight administrative territories have been classified as regions with a "red" level of epidemical danger: Horodenkivskyi and Kosivskyi districts of Ivano-Frankivsk region, Sambir of Lviv region, Beliaevka of Odesa region, Dubno, Kostopilskyi and Rivnebskyi districts of Rivne region, as well as Kytsmanskyi district of Chernivtsi region.