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Teachers Will Teach In Protective Shield In Schools Of "Orange" Zone - Liashko

Teachers Will Teach In Protective Shield In Schools Of "Orange" Zone - Liashko

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Teachers will teach in a face shield in the “orange” zone schools.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Health – Senior Medical Officer Viktor Liashko at the conference "Education in a Pandemic: How to Organize the Academic Year 2020-2021", Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In the "orange" zone, we will give recommendations to teachers to wear a protective shield, which is transparent, which allows to convey emotions," he said.

At the same time, teachers in the “green” zone will not have to wear a mask during class.

Liashko also noted that teachers with temperatures above 37.2 degrees will not be allowed to school.

The Ministry of Health also suggests starting lessons at different time for different age groups in order to minimize student contact with each other.

Teachers should also ask students about their health in order to identify the symptoms of coronavirus if something happens.

Toilets should contain only dry disposable napkins, soap should be liquid.

Liashko stressed that online training will be introduced in the "red" zone.

"We understand that if there are some schools in the "red" zone, then online education will be introduced," Liashko said.

Online education will be introduced only for the period when the region is in the "red" zone.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal states that the academic year in Ukraine will begin on September 1.