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Zelenskyy Asks Ukrainians To Refrain From Traveling To Belarus Until Situation Stabilizes

Zelenskyy Asks Ukrainians To Refrain From Traveling To Belarus Until Situation Stabilizes

President, detention, Belarus, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, protests in Belarus

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asks Ukrainians to refrain from traveling to Belarus until the situation stabilizes.

He said this at a briefing during a trip to Boryspil (Kyiv region), Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“You and I went through such situations in Ukraine. I believe and really want there to be no deaths and injuries, so that the authorities can find a dialogue with their society. But so far, what we see is a difficult, unstable, serious situation. I would now advise the Ukrainians, and because of the cases that our people were detained there, refrain from traveling to Belarus until a more or less stable situation is established," the President said.

On August 12, 3 Ukrainians were detained in Belarus during the protests.

“Negotiations are underway. We strongly want our citizens to return to Ukraine,” Zelenskyy said.

The head of state expressed confidence that the detainees would be returned home.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, earlier in Belarus during the protests, a Ukrainian photojournalist was beaten, but he had already been discharged from the hospital, and 9 Ukrainian citizens were detained but had already been released.

On August 9, the presidential election was held in Belarus, in which, according to the Central Election Commission, the voter turnout was 84%, and the current President Aleksandr Lukashenko, who has been heading the country since 1994, won with more than 80% of the votes.

Tens of thousands of people in Belarus went to protest, and during clashes with law enforcement officers more than 6,000 were detained, there are wounded and killed.