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USA Resumes Issuing Visas To Students From Ukraine

USA Resumes Issuing Visas To Students From Ukraine

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The United States resumed issuing visas to students from Ukraine.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a statement by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

"The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine has resumed the provision of nonimmigrant visa services to a limited extent - only for students. We will resume the provision of services for obtaining other types of visas as soon as we have such an opportunity," the statement reads.

The U.S. suspended regular visa services a few months ago due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the United States is one of 39 countries, entry into which is allowed for all Ukrainians, including for tourist purposes.

The restriction was introduced for those who have stayed, including in transit, in any of the 26 countries of the Schengen Agreement, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, China or Iran during the last 14 days.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the European Union has decided not to open borders for tourists from Ukraine yet.

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