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Admission To Educational Institutions Will Only Be In Masks, But Students Allowed Not Wear Them In Class - Hea

Admission To Educational Institutions Will Only Be In Masks, But Students Allowed Not Wear Them In Class - Health Ministry Recommendations

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Admission to educational institutions will be carried out only in masks, but students are allowed to not wear masks in class.

The press service of the Ministry of Education and Science has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The report notes that temporary recommendations have been developed for institutions of extracurricular, general secondary, special before higher education, vocational schools, technical schools and higher educational institutions.

So, during the quarantine period, parents or accompanying persons will not be allowed into educational institutions - except for those who accompany persons with disabilities.

In the classroom, it is allowed to not use protective masks or respirators, however, while moving around educational institutions, wearing masks is mandatory.

Before classes, teachers will interview pupils/students about their health, and those who have symptoms of acute respiratory diseases will be promptly referred to a health worker for examination.

The staff will undergo compulsory thermometry and will not be allowed into the institution with temperature above 37.2 degrees.

At the same time, temperature screening will not be mandatory for pupils and students.

Educational institutions are also recommended to adapt the educational process, in particular, if possible, conduct outdoor activities, provide for the possibility of determining for different classes and groups different start and end times of classes, breaks, and also limit the holding of mass events (meetings) in closed rooms.

The institution will also need to prevent the formation of clusters of pupils/students and minimize their movement between classrooms.

Besides, educational institutions should be provided for the period of quarantine with: places for treating hands with antiseptics at the entrance to all premises; collection of used masks and gloves in separate containers; posters, banners on respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette; medical posts equipped with: non-contact thermometers, disinfectants, personal protective equipment; markings on the floor for keeping distance and orderly movement along the corridors.

Ventilation of the premises should also be carried out for at least 10 minutes after each lesson; cleaning and disinfection of surfaces (door handles, tables, seating, railings) after classes at the end of the working day.

Besides, the recommendations establish the specifics of catering.

So, during the quarantine period, meals are not allowed as a buffet or self-service.

The institution must have a meal schedule, the distance between the tables must be at least 1.5 m, and there must be no more than four people at the table.

Food workers will work in protective masks and disposable gloves, and workers who give out meals or make payments will additionally have safety glasses or a visor.

Heads of educational institutions should also provide explanations and briefings for staff and applicants on how to prevent the infection and spread of coronavirus, how to respond to the symptoms of COVID-19, how to properly use and dispose of masks/respirators, gloves.

Besides it is recommended to develop algorithms for emergency actions related to COVID-19 cases in the institution.

Also, recommendations were established for the transportation of children and employees of educational institutions in school transport.

The carrier must provide drivers with masks/respirators and hand sanitizers, monitor their health on a daily basis and prevent persons with signs of acute respiratory illness and temperature above 37.2 degrees from working.

The vehicle interior must be disinfected at the beginning and end of a work shift.

Passengers will be allowed to enter the vehicle only with a protective mask/respirator.

The number of passengers must be within the seating capacity.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said that higher educational institutions can themselves determine when and in what form they begin the educational process in the new academic year.