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Zelenskyy Tells How He Managed To Persuade Hostage Taker Kryvosh In Lutsk To Release Hostages

Zelenskyy Tells How He Managed To Persuade Hostage Taker Kryvosh In Lutsk To Release Hostages

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has told how he managed to persuade Maksym Kryvosh, who seized a bus in Lutsk (Volyn region) on July 21, to release them.

The President of Ukraine said this in a video comment recorded for mass media, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"At first we had to estimate his demands and what kind of a person he was. We had everything that was happening under our control. We did not really understand his demands and what was the reason for the situation. We had to understand. Later, we received the information that mine laying was taking place not at the bus, but also elsewhere in Lutsk," he said.

The negotiations with Kryvosh lasted for nine hours.

"For nine hours, everybody starting with psychiatrists to negotiators were talking to him. The man was threatening and wanted the only one thing: his demands to be fulfilled. Some suggested holding a special operation, and we know it could have ended up with. It would have been a very rapid assault, however, there is always a danger that it might take people’s lives. Thus, we consulted and I wanted to talk to that man on phone, try to use an opportunity to release the people. I tried, I talked to him," the President said.

The Zelenskyy-Kryvosh’s talk lasted up to 10 minutes.

"I was warned he had used to talk to anyone just for 10-15 seconds. He had talked to a journalist for a little longer. Then he hangs up, does not want to continue and waits until fulfillment of his demands. He and I were talking for 7-10 minutes. We agreed he would make the first step and release several people of ours. I asked him to release a wounded person, a pregnant woman and a child. He said there was no wounded there, and that it was just bluff. So, we agreed he would release three people and after that I would record the video. Later, once the video is posted on a social media, he releases all the people. That is what happened. In 30-40 minutes, he released the hostages," the head of state said.

Zelenskyy noted that the negotiations were much more preferable for him than an assault.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on July 21 at 9:45 a.m., the man captured a bus with 20 hostages aboard in Lutsk.