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Biden Asked Poroshenko Not To Conduct Sabotage Operations In Russia – Derkach Records

Biden Asked Poroshenko Not To Conduct Sabotage Operations In Russia – Derkach Records

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Former vice president of the United States Joe Biden asked former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko not to conduct sabotage operations in Russia and the Russia-annexed Crimea.

This is indicated by purported audiotapes of a conversation that took place between Biden and Poroshenko on November 16, 2016, which Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach (independent) made public, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Your military intelligence chief received a clear message from us several weeks ago regarding our strong disapproval of proposed sabotage operations against military targets inside Russia," Biden said.

He said he was very worried about the events that transpired in Crimea on August 7-8, 2016 (a shootout on the administrative border with Crimea, during which FSS Lieutenant Colonel Roman Kamenev was killed; the FSS later announced that it had prevention two attempts by Ukrainian groups to break into Crimea bur Ukraine denied the claim).

Biden said that former president of the United States Barack Obama intended to convene a meeting over those incidents and added that he needed to be able to tell Obama that Poroshenko had taken all the appropriate steps to avoid these types of incidents.

Biden also said that despite the fact that the United States was adhering to the position that Crimea is Ukraine, it firmly believed that the cost of occupation on Russia should be raised only through political and diplomatic means and not military and sabotage operations.

Poroshenko assured Biden that relations with Russia would be exclusively diplomatic.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Poroshenko has said that the audiotapes of conversations between him and Biden were fabricated and asked the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) to investigate the origin of the audiotapes.