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Holos Excludes Vakarchuk From Party’s Election List

Holos Excludes Vakarchuk From Party’s Election List

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The Holos party at an extraordinary congress on June 26 removed Sviatoslav Vakarchuk from the party’s election list.

This was reported by the party’s press service following the results of the congress, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The congress decided on the early termination of powers of Member of Parliament of Ukraine Sviatoslav Vakarchuk in connection with his withdrawal from the Holos parliamentary faction", the report said.

Vakarchuk thanked the delegates for the respect for his decision.

"I thank the congress delegates for respecting my decision. I remain an active member of the Holos party. I will be helping with everything I can and where I am useful. Thanks to every member of the Holos faction for creating such a team in the Parliament. Keep it up. Glory to Ukraine," wrote Vakarchuk on his Facebook page.

It is noted that after the termination of parliamentary powers, Vakarchuk remains a party member, and the next candidate from the election list will join the Holos faction.

In addition, the congress also approved the updated party charter.

The new edition of the charter details the procedures for creating local party organizations.

Congress delegates also discussed preparations for the upcoming local elections and staffing issues.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on June 11 Vakarchuk announced at a briefing that he had decided to resign his parliamentary powers ahead of schedule and start an educational project.

On June 18, the Rada refused to prematurely terminate his parliamentary powers.

Later, Vakarchuk announced that he intended to finalize his resignation from the parliament through his removal from the Holos party’s electoral list at the party’s congress, which, according to the Ukrainian Constitution, will automatically result in the loss of his parliamentary mandate.