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Trump Swore While Discussing Ukraine With His Advisers, Accused Ukraine Of Attacking Him – Ex-National Securit

Trump Swore While Discussing Ukraine With His Advisers, Accused Ukraine Of Attacking Him – Ex-National Security Adviser Bolton’s Memoirs

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Former United States National Security Advisor John Bolton has claimed that United States President Donald Trump used foul language when discussing Ukraine and accused it of attacking him.

Bolton made this claim in his memoirs, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to Bolton, Deputy National Security Advisor Charles Kupperman claimed that Trump said he did not want to have anything to do with Ukraine during the debriefing of members of the United States’ delegation that attended President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s inauguration (Energy Secretary Rick Perry, U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland, Special Representative Kurt Walker, and Senator Ron Johnson) in Washington on May 23.

"I don’t want to have any f"cking thing to do with Ukraine. They f"cking attacked me. I can’t understand why. Ask Joe diGenova, he knows all about it. They tried to f"ck me. They’re corrupt. I’m not f"cking with them," Trump said, according to Bolton’s memoirs.

According to the memoirs, Volker tried to intervene to say something pertinent about Ukraine, and Trump replied, “I don’t give a sh"t.”

“Perry said we couldn’t allow a failed state, presumably a Ukraine where effective government had broken down, and Trump said, ‘Talk to Rudy [Giuliani] and Joe [diGenova].’” Bolton wrote.

“‘Give me ninety days,’ Perry tried again, but Trump interrupted, saying, ‘Ukraine tried to take me down. I’m not f"cking interested in helping them,’ although he relented to say Zelenskyy could visit him in the White House, but only if he was told how Trump felt in the matter.

‘I want the f"cking DNC server,’ said Trump, returning to the fray, adding, ‘Okay, you can have ninety days. But I have no f"cking interest in meeting with him.’”

Throughout the memoirs, Bolton claimed that Trump was angry with Ukraine because the country’s leading politicians favored Hillary Clinton and believed that they created a lot of problems for him.

 Bolton also wrote about the telephone conversation between Trump and Zelenskyy on July 25, 2019, the transcript of which caused a huge scandal in the United States, but the memoirs contained no new revelations.

During the presidential election campaign in the United States in 2016, then-Ukrainian lawmaker Serhii Leshchenko claimed that the head of Trump’s election campaign headquarters, Paul Manafort, received USD 12.7 million from the Party of Regions’ “black ledger” and did not pay taxes in the United States.

As a result, Manafort was forced to step down as Trump's election campaign chairman and he was later sentenced to several years in prison for tax and banking fraud.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently said he was ready to receive Trump in Ukraine faster than he received him in the United States.

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