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5 Countries Ready To Receive Ukrainian Tourists - Tourism Development Center

5 Countries Ready To Receive Ukrainian Tourists - Tourism Development Center

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The Tourism Development Center has named five countries that are ready to resume passenger flights for Ukrainian tourists.

Director of the Tourism Development Center, Volodymyr Tsaruk, announced this during a press conference, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The situation is very variegated in (foreign) countries and we see it in countries. Absolutely (one can enter) Albania... Georgia also expects Ukrainians, but there are some points: they have not yet announced how they will receive Ukrainians," Tsaruk said.

Director of one of the travel companies, Olha Beilina, in turn, noted the readiness of other tourist countries to receive Ukrainian tourists.

"At this stage, there is official information from a large Ukrainian tour operator that they announce (charter) flights to such countries: Greece, Turkey, Egypt from July 1, Tunisia from July 16," Beilina said.

Beilina also noted that the reception of Ukrainian tourists at the moment is possible only on the island part of Greece (for example, Rhodes or Crete); mainland Greece is still closed for tourists.

Besides, it is noted that tour operators are negotiating the resumption of passenger air travel to Montenegro.

Flights to other EU countries are still possible only if there are grounds for arrival.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on June 15, Ukraine resumed international passenger air travel.

During this period, flights were made from Kyiv to Minsk, Zurich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and other European cities.