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Ukraine Not To Lower Retirement Age - Draft Memorandum With IMF

Ukraine Not To Lower Retirement Age - Draft Memorandum With IMF

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Ukraine does not intend to lower the retirement age.

This is stated in the draft memorandum submitted for consideration to the IMF board of directors, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The draft memorandum notes that the implementation of the pension reform measures launched in 2017 will continue, aimed at increasing pensions and the stability of the pension system.

Besides, the document notes that during the period of the new cooperation program new special pensions or benefits will not be introduced, and the retirement age will not be reduced.

In addition, efforts will be made to bring together actual pension and cost of living indicators.

"We will work with IMF representatives to develop proposals for reforming the tax system in 2020, including by eliminating tax imbalances, expanding the tax base and reducing opportunities for tax evasion," the draft memorandum says.

No new tax incentives or privileges will be introduced during the program.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine intends to strengthen the selection process for judges and introduce an inspection to investigate disciplinary cases against judges.

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