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Police Open Case Against Man For Threatening Blow Up Kyiv’s Metro Bridge With Fake Explosives

Police Open Case Against Man For Threatening Blow Up Kyiv’s Metro Bridge With Fake Explosives

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The police have opened criminal proceedings against a man who threatened to blow up the Metro Bridge in Kyiv with fake explosives.

Kyiv Police Chief Andrii Kryschenko announced this at a news briefing, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"He was not aggressive. It later turned out that he had some kind of cylinder to which wires were attached and he held a control panel in his hand... A special unit distracted him when a convenient opportunity arose, and he was detained. An inspection of the contents [of the cylinder] showed that it was a dummy. It contained soil (visually). Therefore, he has now been taken to the district administration. Doctors, including a psychiatric care team, have been called," he said.

According to Kryschenko, the police have opened criminal proceedings.

“Criminal proceedings have been opened under the ‘bomb hoax’ article. An investigation is underway. The site of the event is now being examined,” he said.

Kryschenko also said that the man was in a state of intoxication and that his blood would be tested for alcohol and drugs.

The Kyiv police chief indicated that the man demanded to meet with the police but did not make other demands.

According to Kryschenko, the man is registered in the Kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi district of Vyshneve; he was born in 1988; he has a record of committing two minor administrative offenses.

The psychologist talked to the man, but he did not say anything intelligible and did not communicate his demands.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Kyivskyi Metropoliten, the company that operates the Kyiv subway, restricted train traffic from the Akademmistechko subway station to the Arsenalna subway station and from the Lisova subway station to the Darnytsia subway station after reports that a bomb had been planted on the Metro Bridge.

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