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Poroshenko Says Audiotapes Published By MP Derkach Fabricated, Asks SBU To Investigate Their Origin

Poroshenko Says Audiotapes Published By MP Derkach Fabricated, Asks SBU To Investigate Their Origin

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Former president Petro Poroshenko, who is a co-leader of the European Solidarity parliamentary faction, has said that the audiotapes of conversations between him and former United States vice president Joseph Biden that MP Andrii Derkach (independent) made public on May 19 were fabricated and asked the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) to investigate the origin of the audiotapes.

Poroshenko said this in a video address, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“The audio files that a graduate of the Dzerzhinsky KGB High School in Moscow (Derkach) played yesterday were fabricated. However, they could have obtained the raw materials from the office of the incumbent president, among other places, and the SBU should investigate who did it,” he said.

At the same time, Poroshenko confirmed that he had dozens of contacts with Biden, as well as regular meetings with former and current presidents of the United States, including Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Poroshenko also said that he considered the publication of the audiotapes as a special operation aimed at undermining the strategic relations between Ukraine and the United States and that he intended to use all his necessary contacts, particularly in the United States, to prevent the relations between the two countries from being undermined.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, according to the audiotapes, Poroshenko proposed appointing Yurii Lutsenko to replace Viktor Shokin as Ukraine’s prosecutor general in exchange for disbursement of an International Monetary Fund loan tranche of USD 1 billion during a conversation with former United States vice president Joseph Biden. Biden also asked Poroshenko to accelerate the nationalization of PrivatBank and Poroshenko asked Biden to pressure the Samopomich parliamentary faction to support appointment of former finance minister Natalie Jaresko as Ukraine’s prime minister in 2016.