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Passengers Will Use Exclusively E-Tickets After Resumption Of Kyiv Subway

Passengers Will Use Exclusively E-Tickets After Resumption Of Kyiv Subway

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Passengers will use exclusively electronic tickets after the resumption of the Kyiv subway.

The press service of the Kyiv City State Administration has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Thus, it will be possible to pay for travel on turnstiles by KyivSmardCard, metro card (until March 31, 2021), contactless bank card of any payment system on yellow turnstiles, Google Pay and Apple Pay mobile applications, KyivSmardCard mobile application, one-time ticket with QR-code (paper or electronic).

It is also indicated that within a month, passengers will be able to use already purchased tokens.

"Within a month from the date of resumption of work, passengers will also be able to use previously purchased green tokens," the statement reads.

It is indicated that passengers of preferential categories of the capital can use the Kyiv Resident Card for passage in the subway. National preferential categories present the original of the corresponding certificate.

In order to avoid queues, the Kyiv City State Administration urges to prepare means of payment for travel and check their availability before leaving the house, especially for children.

It is reminded that a ticket for a single pass can be generated in advance in the application, which will avoid the queue at the ticket office.

It is noted that before the subway is resumed, the e-ticket can be bought at T-kiosks, of which there are more than 300 in the capital, they are located mostly at public transport stops.

“As for aboveground public transport, it will also be paid using KyivSmardCard, a one-time ticket with a QR code (paper or electronic) or a contactless bank card of any payment system. However, passengers will still have the opportunity to purchase a ticket until July 1 directly at the conductor in a tram, trolleybus or bus," the statement reads.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Cabinet of Ministers intends to permit the work of the subway from May 25 in those cities where the epidemic situation with the incidence of coronavirus will allow it.

The Kyivskyi Metropoliten utility company is ready to resume passenger traffic on May 25.

On May 13, the mayor of Kyiv, chairperson of the Kyiv City State Administration, Vitali Klitschko, asked the Cabinet of Ministers to resume the work of the Kyiv subway from May 25.