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Authorities Do Not Keep Records Of Foreigners Undergoing Observation In Ukraine And Do Not Know Who Pays For T

Authorities Do Not Keep Records Of Foreigners Undergoing Observation In Ukraine And Do Not Know Who Pays For Them - Health Ministry

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The authorities do not keep records of foreigners who have been or are being on observation in Ukraine and do not know at whose expense the relevant expenses are covered.

This is stated in the response of the Ministry of Health to the request of Ukrainian News Agency.

“There are 397 people in the observation facilities. There is no information about their citizenship in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine,” the ministry answered the question of how many foreigners were hospitalized in the observation facilities in Ukraine.

In February-March, 27 foreigners evacuated from China were placed for observation in Novi Sanzhary (Poltava region).

Since March, due to the closure of borders, many countries, including Ukraine, have helped each other with the evacuation of citizens from abroad, while the Cabinet of Ministers obliged everyone who enters Ukraine to undergo a 14-day observation in special isolation wards.

However, the authorities do not know whether other foreign citizens were hospitalized in Ukraine except the 27 abovementioned.

They were also unable to answer the question of who paid for the observation of these foreigners and, possibly, others, and how much it cost.

Thus, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs replied that it did not own such information, since it was in the sphere of competence of other central executive bodies, and recommended to contact with the Ministry of Health, the State Border Guard Service and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The Cabinet of Ministers officially redirected the mentioned issues to the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Border Guard Service and the Ministry of Finance.

However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs replied that it was not the manager of the requested information and redirected the request to the State Border Guard Service and the State Migration Service.

"The State Border Guard Service Administration does not provide for the registration of the issues indicated in your request," the service replied.

The State Migration Service, in violation of the Law on Access to Public Information, did not provide an response at all.

"The Ministry of Finance does not have the requested data, since the Cabinet of Ministers, which regulates the issue of observation (isolation) of persons, does not provide for the Ministry of Finance to receive this information," the ministry replied.

Only the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories confirmed that, together with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Infrastructure, it should be the manager of this information, but it does not have it.

"Hospitalization in the observation facilities or isolators of persons is provided within the competence of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories and the Ministry of Health. However, in the procedure for compulsory hospitalization, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, the powers of the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories regarding the information requested by you are not defined," the response reads.

At the same time, the Ministry of Infrastructure stated that the questions asked did not belong to its competence.

Thus, in Ukraine no one keeps a record of foreigners who undergo compulsory observation on its territory, and no one can answer from what sources it is paid.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, UAH 3 million were compensated from the state budget for the observation in the Novi Sanzhary medical center of the National Guard (Poltava region) of citizens evacuated from Chinese Wuhan, and the observation of the remaining Ukrainians arriving from abroad is carried out at the expense of local budgets and personal funds of citizens, however, how many persons are subject to it and undergo it, how many places are provided and how much their maintenance costs, authorized central authorities cannot answer.

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