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Stepanov Expecting Relaxation Of Quarantine Restrictions For Small Businesses From May 11

Stepanov Expecting Relaxation Of Quarantine Restrictions For Small Businesses From May 11

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Health Minister, Maksym Stepanov, is expecting relaxation of quarantine restriction on small businesses from May 11.

The minister has said this at a briefing, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

He noted that opening of grocery markets was a reasonable step and such markets are very important for the economy and constraining of the food prices.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine permitted operation of grocery markets in case all rules of the Health Ministry are observed.

On April 29, the number of newly-registered coronavirus cases in Ukraine rose by 540 to 10,406, and the growth in the number of lethal cases remained unchanged at 11 reaching 261 day over day.

At the same time, the number of newly-registered cases had been growing for the third day in a row and grew by 13.7%.

The largest number of cases was registered in Chernivtsi region (1,571), Kyiv (1,401) and Ivano-Frankivsk region, and Ivano-Frankivsk region (862).

Ternopil region registered 779 cases, Kyiv region - 664, Rivne region - 637, Vinnytsia region - 417, Lviv region - 430, Zakarpattia region - 419, Kirovohrad region - 391, Zhytomyr region - 374, Dnipropetrovsk region - 347, Cherkasy region - 290, Volyn region - 280, Odesa region - 277, Kharkiv region - 249, Zaporizhia region - 243.

A total of 203 cases were registered in Poltava region, 126 cases - in Mykolayiv region, 111 cases - in Kherson region, 102 cases - in Sumy region, 82 cases - in Khmelnytskyi region, 68 cases - in Donetsk region, 50 cases - in Chernihiv region, and 33 cases - in Luhansk region.