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Banks Won't Operate On April 20, May 1 And 11 – NBU

Banks Won't Operate On April 20, May 1 And 11 – NBU

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The National Bank of Ukraine reminds that the banks will not operate on April 20, May 1 and 11.

Ukrainian News agency learned this from the press service of the central bank.

In view of the imposition and possible prolongation of the quarantine over the spread of the coronavirus, the NBU reported that the banks would not operate on certain days in compliance with the earlier approved schedule.

The central bank specified that if a festive or a day off happened during a weekend, such a day off is transferred to the date following that festive day or a day off.

Therefore, April 20 and May 1 this year will be days off for the banking system of Ukraine and the state on the whole.

Besides, other days off will be the following dates: May 11, June 8 and 29, August 24, October 14 and December 25.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on March 12, Ukraine imposed the quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

On March 25, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine extended the quarantine and imposed emergency situation in all regions until April 24.

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