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NACB Questions Yermak’s Brother – Lawyer

NACB Questions Yermak’s Brother – Lawyer

NACB, Geo Leros, Presidential Office, Andrii Yermak, Denys Yermak

Officials at the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NACB) have questioned Denys Yermak, the brother of the Office of the President of Ukraine’s head Andrii Yermak.

Denys Yermak’s lawyer Ivan Kholondovych announced this to the Ukrainian News Agency.

“He was questioned for about two to three hours,” the lawyer said.

According to him, Yermak was interrogated as a witness in a case that the National Anti-Corruption Bureau is investigating based on a statement filed by Member of Parliament Geo Leros (Servant of the People faction).

Denys Yermak agreed to provide voice samples.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, officers from the Security Service of Ukraine questioned Denys Yermak earlier.

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