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130 Citizens Returned From Abroad Fined For UAH 17,000 For Violation Of Self-Isolation Regime

130 Citizens Returned From Abroad Fined For UAH 17,000 For Violation Of Self-Isolation Regime

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130 citizens who have returned from abroad who refused to stay at home in self-isolation for 14 days are fined for UAH 17,000 for violating the self-isolation regime.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Heraschenko said this in an interview with the Fakty newspaper, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Today, 130 citizens from those who returned from abroad and refused to stay home for 14 days have already been fined for violating the self-isolation regime," he said.

Heraschenko said that the police will selectively monitor the compliance of returnees from abroad with a self-isolation regime, since total control over them is impossible.

In particular, the police will call such citizens and remind them of the requirement to be at home, and also go to them with checks.

He noted that more than 3,000 administrative protocols have already been drawn up for violation of quarantine measures, most of which are in relation to owners of cafes, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, which did not close their facilities on time.

Heraschenko said that all police officers who are in contact with citizens are provided with protective equipment, in particular police officers who patrol the streets, wear masks and are gradually provided with glasses, and those traveling to patients who violate the self-isolation regime are provided with disposable biological protection suits.

According to him, the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov set the task of providing up to April 10 (the suspect peak of the epidemic) a two-week supply of protective equipment for each police officer who will be in contact with people.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the police fined 5 people for UAH 17,000 for violating the quarantine in Kyiv.