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14,600 Ukrainians Abroad Require Assistance In Returning To Ukraine

14,600 Ukrainians Abroad Require Assistance In Returning To Ukraine

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More than 14,600 Ukrainians abroad require assistance in returning to Ukraine in connection with the closure of the border due to the introduction of quarantine measures due to coronavirus.

The press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced this to Ukrainian News Agency.

"14,586 citizens of Ukraine turned to foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine for help in returning to their homeland," the Foreign Ministry said.

At the same time, the authority noted that with its assistance, 94,356 Ukrainians managed to return to Ukraine from abroad.

Such data were compiled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as of the evening of March 26, but during Friday, March 27, they will still change.

Accordingly, the Foreign Ministry was not able to answer the question of how many Ukrainians will have time to return before Ukraine closes any passenger traffic at the border on March 28, and how many will have to stay abroad.

According to Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, 700 Ukrainians were stuck in Bali (Indonesia), 150 in Goa (India), 50 in Peru, 9 on the island of Palau in the Pacific Ocean.

The Foreign Ministry did not provide complete information on the number of Ukrainians in different countries who wish, but have not yet been able to return to Ukraine.

The Foreign Ministry also does not have information about how many citizens do not have enough money to stay abroad.

At the same time, the Foreign Ministry assures that the diplomatic institutions of Ukraine abroad will help Ukrainians who will be forced to stay in foreign states, establish contacts with Ukrainian communities and willing to help public organizations, and will also work with business and local authorities to temporarily place such citizens in specially designated places - campuses or social institutions, if necessary.

The ministry also promises to resolve the issue of fines for exceeding the period of stay abroad, as well as with expired documents, permits or visas to stay in another country as a whole.

The Foreign Ministry reminds that starting March 27 it will be impossible to return to Ukraine by airline flights or passenger trains/buses, but it is allowed to cross the border to enter by car or on foot.

The government promises to continue to help Ukrainians return home, but the organization of additional flights for evacuation from abroad from March 28 will depend solely on the stabilization of the epidemic situation within their country of residence and the ability of the Ukrainian medical system to monitor and monitor compliance with quarantine measures for return.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Cabinet of Ministers extended quarantine and introduced an emergency situation in all regions until April 24 due to coronavirus.