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In Part Of Kyiv Pharmacies There Is No Paracetamol

In Part Of Kyiv Pharmacies There Is No Paracetamol

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In part of Kyiv pharmacies, paracetamol, a drug that has an antipyretic effect, is absent.

Representatives of a number of Kyiv pharmacies announced this to Ukrainian News Agency.

For example, in the pharmacies of the Med-Service network, paracetamol is not on sale.

In pharmacies Dobroho Dnia (along Saksahanskoho Street, as well as in Podilskyi (Vynohradar residential area) and Obolonskyi districts) and Vitaliuks (along Sholom Aleikhema Street), only paracetamol for children is on sale; the average price of the drug on both networks is UAH 16.

In the NTs pharmacy there is only paracetamol syrup and paracetamol suspension worth UAH 28; the drug is in the pharmacy on the Iordanska Street or delivery from the warehouse is possible.

As of 12:00 p.m., in the Bazhayemo Zdorovіya pharmacy paracetamol is on sale both in tablets and in syrup format; the price, depending on the dosage and format of the drug, varies from UAH 10 to UAH 38.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in part of the Kyiv pharmacy chains there are no medical masks and antiseptics.

Instead of ibuprofen, the WHO has recommended taking paracetamol in the presence of symptoms of coronavirus.

From March 12 to April 3, Ukraine introduced quarantine to prevent the spread of coronavirus.