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Zelenskyy Will Visit Novi Sanzhary On March 5 - Day Of Completion Of Observation Of Citizens Evacuated From Ch

Zelenskyy Will Visit Novi Sanzhary On March 5 - Day Of Completion Of Observation Of Citizens Evacuated From China

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will visit Novi Sanzhary (Poltava region) on March 5, the day when the observation of citizens evacuated from China due to an outbreak of coronavirus is completed.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a source in the Office of the President.

"The President’s trip to Poltava region is planned for tomorrow, where, among other things, he will visit Novi Sanzhary," the agency’s interlocutor said.

He did not report a more detailed program, citing the fact that it has not yet been finalized.

Among the possible facilities that the head of state can visit during the visit is the Poltava Regional Hospital.

In Novi Sanzhary, citizens should be discharged from the medical center on Thursday, having undergone a two-week observation there since February 20 after being evacuated from Chinese Wuhan due to the spread of the coronavirus there.

A total of 89 people were evacuated.

The observation period for Ukrainians and foreign citizens evacuated from Wuhan (China) due to an outbreak of coronavirus ends on March 5 at 12:00 p.m.

Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Liashko announced this.

"Tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. the observation period in Novi Sanzhary is ending," he said.

According to him, none of the evacuees showed signs of a disease caused by coronavirus.

The acting head of the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health, Ihor Kuzin, added that according to the results of the analysis, the disease was not detected neither in the evacuated citizens nor in the staff serving them.

The Minister of Health Zoriana Skaletska is also voluntarily in the observation zone.

At the same time, on Wednesday, March 4, a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, convened by Zelenskyy, will take place to consider personnel issues in the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to media reports, when reformatting the government, Skaletska will lose her post.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, earlier Zelenskyy described the behavior of the inhabitants of Novi Sanzhary when placing citizens evacuated from China to a medical center located in their village, reminiscent of the Middle Ages and indicating the need to learn humanity and critical thinking.

Zelenskyy also promised that the customers and organizers of the riots in Novi Sanzhary would be established and punished.

On February 20, it was decided to quarantine Ukrainians and foreigners evacuated from Chinese Wuhan due to the coronavirus epidemic in the medical center of the National Guard Novi Sanzhary of Poltava region, but local residents began to actively protest against this, including by blocking roads and throwing stones at buses with the evacuated people.

9 police officers and 1 civilian were injured during the riots in Novi Sanzhary, and law enforcement officers detained 24 people.