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Darnitsa speeds up the process of medicines creation thanks to SAP/OpenText

Darnitsa speeds up the process of medicines creation thanks to SAP/OpenText

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Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa.Photo by Darnitsa
Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa.Photo by Darnitsa

Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa has introduced an informational system on the platform of SAP/OpenText company products. This allowed the company to become one of the first members of the pharma market, that launched electronic document flow in order to create dossiers of the medicines under the pharmaceutical standards of the European Union and the United States.

As the company’s press service reported, back in 2019 Darnitsa transferred the registration dossiers of the medicines into digital form. Director General of the company Andriy Obrizan said, digitalization of the pharm products development, registration and production processes, is the key element of Darnitsa’s growth plan.

"We invested more than 1 million euro into the creation of digital ecosystem of the medicines’ vital circle. Thanks to the SAP and OpenText decisions we strengthened the quality control of our production systems, got competitive advantage in development and production processes and also simplified the procedure of products’ registration and entering the new markets", - Obrizan said.

Andriy Romanenko, the IT director of the company, added that SAP/OpenText particular experience in pharmaceuticals became the exact factor that defined them as Darnitsa’s IT partners.

"SAP and Open Text platform’s technical scalability will allow us to save significant masses of content. During the next stage we are planning to improve the production processes in order to create an effective, paperless ecosystem within the Darnitsa", - Romanenko pointed out.

In his turn SAP director Maksym Matiash reminded that his company started cooperating with Darnitsa back in 2013.

"Thanks to the SAP ECM by OpenText usage Darnitsa constructed the comprehensive, integrated system, aligned with the demands of other countries. Our partner will have a opportunity to widen his sales geography on such strictly regulated markets, as the markets of the EU and the U.S, ‘Matiash added.

Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa was founded in 1930. Since 1998 the company has been holding leadership in medicines production by volume.  Company’s portfolio includes some 280 brands of medical products. In 2018 the company increased its net profit by 37.3%. The Zagoriys family are the ultimate beneficiaries of the Darnitsa.

In 2019 Darnitsa conducted a rebranding  and renews the package design of its pharmaceuticals. The changes reflect new strategic goals of the company, such as - digitalization, leadership in generics and creation of the international pharmaceuticals brand.