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UA: PBC Claims Threat Of Broadcasting Olympics 2020 And Eurovision 2020 Due To Arrest Of Accounts

UA: PBC Claims Threat Of Broadcasting Olympics 2020 And Eurovision 2020 Due To Arrest Of Accounts

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National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (UA: PBC) claims the threat of broadcasting the Olympics 2020 and Eurovision 2020 due to the arrest of accounts.

UA: PBC announced this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Now the arrest of accounts has already made it impossible to prepare for the broadcast of the Olympics 2020, is blocking the participation of Ukraine in Eurovision 2020, has stopped the launch of new Suspilne projects, in particular the launch of a new Suspilne Studio on the air of the UA: PERSHYI TV channel," the statement reads.

The statement notes that by the decisions of the department for the enforcement of decisions of the Department of State Executive Service of the Ministry of Justice of February 18 and 20 the funds available in the accounts of the UA: PBC were arrested.

The Ministry of Justice also opened enforcement proceedings for the recovery from the Suspilne of debt in the amount of EUR 10.6 million and UAH 73,000 of court fees in favor of the Euronews joint-stock company.

It is noted that in the near future the arrest of accounts will also lead to a complete halt to the activities of the television and radio company, since the ability to carry out the necessary expenses for the operation of national broadcaster channels (UA: PERSHYI, UA KULTURA), all regional channels, digital platforms and three radio channels (UA : Ukrainian Radio, UA Radio Luch and UA: Radio Kultura).

The UA: PBC asks the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Justice to initiate the allocation of funds from the state budget for the urgent repayment of the existing debt of the former state company, as well as EUR 1.6 million of executive fees, which the television and radio company must pay additionally.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Volodymyr Borodianskyi, said that the launch of the state TV channel for residents of the occupied territories, which is being created on the basis of the UA | TV channel, will be postponed to March 1, 2020.