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Politics 2020-03-25T04:03:40+02:00
Ukrainian news
Many Kyiv Pharmacies Do Not Have Medical Masks On Sale

Many Kyiv Pharmacies Do Not Have Medical Masks On Sale

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Many Kyiv pharmacies do not have medical masks on sale.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from representatives of a number of Kyiv pharmacies.

For example, there were no masks in pharmacies such as Dobroho Dnia, Med-Farm and Tradytsii Zdorovia.

Masks are present in such pharmacies as Nyzkikh Tsin, Farmatsiya, in small quantities - in the Vitaliuks pharmacy (only in the pharmacy on Antonovycha Street and in the suburbs of Kyiv Bucha).

In a number of Kyiv schools, parents were required to buy masks for students in order to conduct training on civil security.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the State Border Guard Service notes that there is no shortage of protective masks for service employees at the borders of Ukraine and at airports.

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