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SBU Employees Not Involved In Sheremet Murder Case – Bakanov

SBU Employees Not Involved In Sheremet Murder Case – Bakanov

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Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) are not involved in the case involving the murder of the Ukrainska Pravda publication’s journalist Pavel Sheremet.

The Security Service of Ukraine’s head Ivan Bakanov stated this to the Ukrainian News Agency.

"This information is false," he said, when asked about possible involvement of the Security Service of Ukraine’s employees in the Sheremet murder case.

According to him, conversations between employees of the Security Service of Ukraine and persons involved in the Sheremet murder case do not mean that they are somehow involved in the murder of the journalist.

He also said that employees of the National Police could interview to SBU officer Andrii Omelchenko, whose voice is on an audiotape made public by former deputy chairman of the Presidential Administration Andrii Portnov.

“Please. Nobody is forbidding it,” the head of the SBU said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Portnov has said that SBU officer Omelchenko was involved in the cover-up of Sheremet’s murder and has published an audiotape of a conversation between Omelchenko and a person involved in the murder case.

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