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Kyivteploenergo Raises Heat Tariff In January By 5%

Kyivteploenergo Raises Heat Tariff In January By 5%

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The Kyivteploenergo utility enterprise increased the heat supply tariff in January compared with December by 5% to UAH 1,356.62 per Gcal.

The Kyiv City State Administration has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The basic tariff approved for the 2019/2020 heating season was UAH 1,654.41 per Gcal.

In December, Kyivteploenergo reduced the heat tariff by 22% to UAH 1,290.44 per Gcal.

In January, Kyivteploenergo increased the tariff to UAH 1,356.62 per Gcal.

At the same time, the enterprise notes that in January the heat tariff is lower by 18% compared to the basic tariff.

The company explains the increase in charges in January payment documents compared to December by the decrease in the average monthly temperature in January by 2% (compared with December) and the corresponding increase in heat consumption by buildings.

So the average air temperature in December was +2.7 degrees, in January +0.8 degrees.

It is also noted that charging for heating is carried out according to the readings of house meters, which Kyivteploenergo records in the last decade of each month (from the 20th day to the last day of the month).

The charge in payment documents also depends on when the readings of the house meter were recorded.

So in December 2019, the readings were recorded as of the 23rd, in January 2020 - as of the 28th.

Thus, it is not the calendar month that is taken into account, but the number of days from and before the house meter readings are recorded in both months.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Kyivteploenergo reduced heating tariffs in December by 22%.

On December 24, the Cabinet of Ministers allowed enterprises to adjust tariffs for district heating and centralized hot water supply depending on changes in the price of natural gas.

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