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Witness states that Sytnyk received money from Crimea, occupied by Russia

Witness states that Sytnyk received money from Crimea, occupied by Russia

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Artem Sytnik. Photo by genplanua
Artem Sytnik. Photo by genplanua

Chief witness in criminal case concerning NABU's Director Artem Sytnyk's corruption, Mykola Nadejko, made a statement, that Sytnyk received money from unknown persons from the Crimea.

About the suspicious financial operations of the NABU Director Nadejko told in an interview to Strana.ua, informs Depo.ua.

So, according to him, Sytnyk once made a request to Nadejko to meet some acquaintances who came from illegally annexed Crimea.

"They met me at the with Crimea, but already on our territory… The married couple, as I understood it from the conversation brought Sytnyk money, apparently, for the plot, sold in the Crimea," Nadejko said.

At the same time, Nadejko noted that "he did not know what was the land and what was its price," because he did not ask.

"These people were probably the intermediaries in some agreements, Sytnyk's friends. Overnight at Sytnik, and the next day he drove them to the airport," Nadeiko recalled.

Sometime earlier convicted in corruption Sytnyk admitted that he does not want to leave his present post of the NABU Director.

Reference: On December 13, 2019, the Rivne Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal of the defense and found the head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik guilty in corruption because of his rest in the elite hunting grounds of the farm "Polisske-Sarny" in the Rivne region.

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